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Dancing Kitties Rentals


How to Rent a Cat Set

Step 1:

Send me an e-mail with as much information as possible: Your name, address, phone number. The Style of Cat Set You want, and billing information. If you are local Cash, Credit, or Paypal is acceptable.
I will send you an invoice from Paypal.
My e-mail address is

Step 2:
When you have given me all relevent information regarding your set (length of tail, collar size if applicable, headband/clip-on, color, decorative details, Date Needed,) 
As soon as I receive payment I will prepare your order and ship it to you.


PRICE                                    Upfront         Rental Refund

Regular cat set                         $25                     $15
Regular cat set w/ Collar        $35                     $25
LED Set & Custom Set            $30                    $20
LED Set or Custom Set           $40                    $30

w/ Collar

Customized LED Set               $35                     $25

Rental End cost: $10 (plus shipping if applicable)
$10 repair fee if not returned in good condition.
If not returned in 60 days it will be considered a purchase and no refund will be sent.                    

Step 3:
After You receive your Catset, treat it with care and Enjoy.

After the designated event you have 3 options:
1. "I Love the Set I want to Keep it!" 

That's Fantastic I'm so Glad EnJoy!
2. "I Like this Set but I don't have space and I have another Kitty event coming up..."
That's Fine, send back your set in the condition it was received along with a return shipping label for your next set. E-mail me with the details for your next Catset. As long as the first set is not damaged you only have to pay for the shipping.
3. "That was alot of fun! But I'm done being a Kitty"
Great! I'm glad you enjoyed it! Send back the catset and you will be reimbursed for all but $10 of the set as long as the set is returned in good condition. If the set is in poor condition there is a $10 repair fee, so take good care of your kitty set.

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